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Blok, "Тебе, Тебе, с иного света"

To Alexandra on her birthday a work ("O You, You of another world) by the greatest Russian poet of the twentieth century.  You can read the original here.                                   

O You, You of another world, 
My Friend, my Angel, and my Law!
Forgive this poet, mad, absurd,
To you again he will not crawl.

Insane and sad was I, it seems,     
Hard fate I sought if but to urge;
Yet I, hurt by some golden dreams,
Will in my grave with secrets merge.

From night you shined on through to me,
From penury you led me forth;
Into the dale your eyes did flee, 
And took my Muse as destined course.

And in my grave, it's birds I hear:
The spring awaits; the earth is wet.
That girlish golden tress so near 
Reminds me of my languid bet.

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